Horeb Services | Application Process

At Horeb Services we aim to simplify the whole job search, job application, interview and job recruitment simple, efficient and transparent to you. Kindly follow the following steps in order to achieve your successful job placement.

Step 1

  1. Reach Horeb Services Uganda office located in Kitebi, Wankulukuku (next to Kitebi Secondary School). Click here to contact us
  2. Get information on available job offering from reception. You shall be guided on arrival by our staff.
  3. Get information on other categories you may also be interested in. i.e. Professional, Cashiers, Electrician, Cleaners, Catering etc

Step 2

  1. Give in/specify your requirements.
  2. Provide your service requirements documents
    • If a category is suitable for your documents a file is opened and your academic credentials inserted.
    • Your file is scheduled for processing.
  3. Go home and await further communication from Horeb Services Uganda.
  4. In case of need for further training to comply with our control requirements and fitness for purpose policy, you shall be scheduled for additional training.
  5. Preparation of travel documents.

Step 3

  1. A meeting with potential employers is scheduled.
  2. You are contacted and informed of scheduled, available opportunities and any additional requirements.
  3. Interview with potential employers. At this interview, you can ask all you need to know about the job(s) applied for.

Step 4

  1. Await the prepared contract of employment with a successful employer.
  2. Read through and sign if you accept.
  3. Make a payment of all dues and fees.
  4. Your travel documents are finalised.

Step 5

  1. Departure dates are set.
  2. Departure briefing is scheduled.
    • All necessary vaccinations e.g. yellow fever etc
    • COVID-19 screening
  3. Departure and travel to destination country.

Step 6

Commencement of employment in new job overseas.